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Happy Birthday to Me!

July 13, 2011

Today is my birthday! I am 33. To celebrate, I took Rayah for her first-ever doughnut, chocolate-glazed with sprinkles. In our household, sprinkles are REQUIRED on birthdays. That's a little rule I just made up, but which has held true for the past seven years. The doughnuts were a BIG hit, with both of us!

a.firstdonut.jpg b.firstdonut.jpg
c.firstdonut.jpg d.firstdonut.jpg
e.firstdonut.jpg f.firstdonut.jpg
g.firstdonut.jpg h.firstdonut.jpg



Rayah sure knows what makes a donut sweet! Happy Birthday friend, I hope your day is sweet as well.


Happy Birthday! And isn't she just a doll and all big now! I admire you for making it this long w/o giving her a donut. I think my baby (now 14 months) had his first before he was 1!


Happy birthday! I think required sprinkles on birthdays is a fantastic idea. I know my kids will be 100% for it.


Yay for your birthday!!! And yay for cute little Rayah knowing how to really get after a donut with no prior experience...clearly she inherited that gene ;) Love you!


happy birthday! it's been awhile since i've been to your blog (i used to blog at memoirs of a 'gee)...but you're still in my reader and glad to see you and your blog are doing well as i'm catching up on things.

p.s. your little girl is beautiful!


oh sooo good! Happy Birthday! Those pictures just made my afternoon, so cute!


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