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Defining Our Treasure

June 29, 2011


We keep a coin jar high on a shelf in our closet. This morning I got that coin jar down and set it on the bed. Rayah sat next to me while I began counting out quarters for her, and I guess I wasn't going fast enough because she reached in, grabbed a handful of coins, slid off the bed, and then ran, laughing and shrieking toward her room.

She came back several seconds later, pennies and nickels spilling out of her little fist, to check on me. I just sat there, amused, while she slowly approached me. I grabbed her hand, and said: "Rayah, can you give me those coins?" She flung her body on the floor, crying.

"Rayah, Mommy wants to give you more valuable coins. You don't understand it now, but these quarters are worth more than those pennies. AND they're bigger, see?" I showed her one of the quarters.

She looked up at the quarter, looked at me, looked at the quarter, and beat her little fists and feet against the ground in protest. She didn't want the quarters. She wanted the pennies and nickels. And perhaps I should have just given in, perhaps I should have just let her keep those coins. But I couldn't. I'm her Mama. I want to give her so much more than she can comprehend.

So against her will, I opened her fingers and put the coins back in the jar. I scooped up the quarters, opened my hands before her, and offered her my coins instead. Tentatively, she sat up and reached for the bigger, shinier coins.

I hadn't expected to learn so much from my toddler this morning, but the whole situation reminded me of a Bible verse, Matthew 7:11, and how God desires to give us good things, if only we ask. Sometimes we hold onto things that are "good enough," and sometimes those things have to be pried out of our hands while we cry and protest, because we just can't comprehend how much better they can be if only we wait on God.

Rayah's tears dried quickly when she realized I was giving her more coins, and she happily carried them into her room, where we put them in her piggy bank. I'm looking forward to teaching her that she can trust her Mama to give her good things!



Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much she has grown up - didn't you post a photo a while back with this same piggy bank? So cute!

I'm not a Mom yet, but I've never given much thought to how convicting parenting must be, on so many levels!


YES! Oh, I love that pic of Rayah with the piggy bank last year - she was 5 months old, and already a big fan of the bank. (Or so I like to tell myself.) ;)

Here's the link! http://www.chirky.com/2010/02/pinching_pennies.html

Such sweet, pinchable, smooshable cheeks! :)


Love it! I'm going to keep this sentiment w/me from now on. Thanks for sharing! :)


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