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Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

April 18, 2011


For the past many weeks, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Easter. I’ve been reading Rayah Easter-related stories from her Bible for the past month, plus another Easter book that was a gift from a friend, and (dare I admit this?) I’ve been shopping for Easter supplies since the beginning of March. In fact, during one trip to Target, an employee told me: “You know it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day yet, right? We don’t have any Easter products in the store. I think you’re the first customer I’ve ever met who was ready for a holiday before we are!”

Maybe it’s just that I like any excuse to buy my daughter cute things.

Since I’ve been thinking about the holiday for so long, I have come up with tons of Easter basket ideas. (Or this would also be good for stocking stuffers, birthday baskets, or even “everyday I love you” gifts!) I can’t fit them ALL into my daughter’s Easter basket, so I thought I’d share the gift ideas with you – just in case you need fun ideas for kids’ Easter baskets that go beyond the ubiquitous candy and stuffed animals.

These items vary by age, but I’ve organized this list with items appropriate for younger children up top and older children down below. Where I have favorites to recommend, I have.

  • Pacifiers
  • Clothes!
  • Baby Legs
  • Teethers
  • Rattles (we loved our Winkel!)
  • DVDs (Rayah’s all-time fave are PraiseBaby videos)
  • Bath toys
  • Plush blanket
  • Boo-boo bunny or cold pad (characters are awesome)
  • Trumpette socks (boys or girls)
  • Fun, colorful sippy cups
  • Cute room accessories (like nightlights!)
  • Sunglasses (I love the sunglasses at Janie & Jack, but the Target $1 bins have some really cute styles, too!)
  • GIRLS - Hair bows and hair ties
  • BOYS - Neck ties and bow ties
  • Stickers (also great for inside Easter eggs)
  • Books
  • Bouncy balls
  • Wind-up toys (also great inside Easter eggs) (You can get these for $1-$3 at Michael’s craft stores)
  • Bubbles
  • Crayons, markers or stamps
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Silly putty, play dough (also great inside Easter eggs)
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Flower pot/Packet of seeds (Target $1 bins)
  • Harmonica (Rayah has this harmonica, she loves it!)
  • Flip-flops or Crocs (depending on age)
  • Toy cars (also great inside Easter eggs)
  • Mini flashlight
  • Action figures
  • Jump ropes
  • Fake tattoos (non-toxic)
  • Piggy paints (non-toxic)

Sooo…what am I missing on this list? Are there items you’ve included in Easter baskets that I’m totally overlooking? I’d love to know!!



I'm not a big fan of candy for my boys but my boys are big fans of Cheerios and goldfish. I tend to buy them Whole Grain goldfish but for Easter I buy them the colored goldfish and put a few inside each egg. They love opening the eggs and eating the goldfish! We also do Cheerios and I'm thinking about adding dried fruit this year. And since they now have piggy banks I think I'm gonna hide some pennies in there as well. The boys can't wait!


Here's what I wanted as a kid: candy. Candy. Candy. And more candy. (Candy is the drug of choice for children).


i have always found valentines day and easter to be a challenge.... because trevors birthday falls at the beginning of april, i have christmas, valentines day, birthday and easter all back to back to back to..... hard to think of that many thoughtful things!

something fun i did when trevor was in preschool (and so into blues clues he could hardly control himself!) was to have him follow "clues" i created, written on construction paper hearts, to the "paw prints" made out of cut out hand prints of trevors. he had to figure out where each clue led to in order to play "trevors clues!"

the last "clue" led to his gift - a small tin mailbox filled with little goodies. i cant now recall exactly what was in the mailbox (though im sure just some small gifts) but he still has the mailbox, letter i left in the small mailbox, heart clues and "paw prints" today, more than 5 years later!


We have had five birthday celebrations in the past six weeks. Some years Easter falls into the middle of it all. By this point we have had so much gift giving and sweets the kids don't need another celebration. What we usually do is color hard boiled eggs. Instead of a cute, one holiday only, baskets we get the kids plastic pails and fill them with shovels, rakes and other sand toys. I found pre-filled play dough eggs at Target this year and put those in with tiny bubbles. Also have you ever heard of resurrection eggs? Here's a link but I've also seen them at Hobby Lobby.



What a fun list! Something that just popped into my head was washcloths or a washmitt. I know most kids LOVE playing in the tub forever, so that could also be something fun to add :)


Gifts cards are a nice addition to any basket, obviously more so for the older children/teens. THere are so many to choose from! ITunes, Baskin-Robins or Cold Stone Creamery, their favorite clothing store...the list goes on and on. Totally surprising someone that expects nothing is always fun too. Someone on a fixed income will really appreciate even the most practical of gifts. I recently sent my sister a "spring survival" gift bag. Every year when it's time to start her yard work, she complains of the aches and pains of using muscles that haven't been used all winter. So I sent her bath salts, ibiprofen, ben-gay, and osteo bi-flex and a gift card to Wal-Mart. It may not be something everyone would appreciate, but she certainly did! Making it personal is the key. Happy Easter!


I give my older teens an assortment of gift cards to the places they each love. It's a win/win... they're thrilled and it's money I'd probably be spending anyway.


edible grass! Since Corgan puts everything in her mouth, this is perfect!


I LOVE Suzan's gift card idea!

Mine got silly putty (good for at least a few hours of play), party poppers, candy and dollar bills in eggs, bey blades (a new trendy toy out for boys), and a toothbrush (haha, they needed one!).


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