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March 23, 2009

Today, when checking email, my heart dropped into my stomach. Now, it's true that I get creeped out kind of easily - I know that, and it's part of the reason why I refuse to watch Freddy Krueger even if it is the middle of the day and all the lights are on in the house. I. Just. Can't. Handle. It.

So when I was going through email today, and saw that a certain person was following me, I stopped and stared, confused. Because the person following me has my same name. And I don't know if you've ever opened your email and seen "[insert your first and last name here] is now following you," but let me tell you: it is both confusing AND creepy, especially because you know it's not spam because spammers haven't gotten that creative yet. (Note to spammers: Don't.)

I've never really thought before about how creepy Twitter can be, but now I'm on the lookout. And I'm fairly certain that once someone with my maiden name starts following me, I'm going to start looking over my shoulder in suspicion a lot more frequently.

[If you want to follow me on Twitter, by the way, please do. Because I'm pretty certain WE don't share the same name.]



I was on Mamasource yesterday responding to a question from "Holly H in Flower Mound" and then I noticed that I was also "Holly H in Flower Mound" because I joined there a long time before Texasholly. SO WEIRD...and how is it I haven't run into this girl in real life in Flower Mound. I would think I would notice something like that.


Twitter is creepy, but Facebook can be even creepier. Especially when it's random people with whom I haven't spoken in YEARS all of sudden POKING me.


That's totally freaky. Before I was married, I had a pretty unique name, but I took my husband's ho-hum-run-of-the-mill name when we got married and now there are a lot of me! So sad - when I Google myself, I get other mes. Who are apparently a bit more successful than the me-me.


that IS creepy!


That IS creepy. Maybe someone is playing a prank on you?

BTW, just added you to my follow list :)


You know what's even creepier? When your mother accidentally finds your Twitter and starts following you.

And yes, Facebook is super creepy. I don't not talk to you because I don't know where to find you. There's a reason we weren't friends in high school.


Um, trying having MY name. When John Edwards was running for President, I was getting friend requests on Facebook that said "I love your husband! I hope he wins!" and I had to reply back and say "um, wrong person".

I use my blog name on Twitter and so far I'm the only one!


Whoa! That other Jes has some tattoo - if that is really her half-naked photo! Might start reading her rather than YOU now.

I've always been curious about meeting someone with the same exact name, just to appreciate that your name is just a name, and not your "real identity," because you might have absolutely nothing in common with that person, despite the common name.


uhm... did you also notice that the other jes follows ONLY celebrities and people with the same name as you? I think there's THREE!!


I agree that Facebook is worse and I have more fun on Twitter (following you now).
Just remembered seeing your wonderful cakes (we would have them disappear here at the office in no time)- I saw these cool cake stencils on line. Check them out. http://www.homeartandfun.com/bacustro.html


I'm following you now =0)


I am friends with an Eddie Renz on Facebook and my name is way less popular than yours. Anywho, I don't think it is creepy. And didn't Roger have someone with his same name in a movie credits recently?


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