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Get Your Prance On

October 03, 2007

Left to myself, I'm not a runner. Or even a jogger. I'll walk. I'll bike. I'll swim. I'll skip. I'll rollerblade. I'll train on the elliptical. I'll do somersaults, whatever. I won't run.

Something about taking steps in such quick succession makes my heart rate shoot through the roof, like a misfiring machine gun, and to me it feels almost as frightening. Which is why I'm still not sure why I joined a running class several weeks ago, or even why I'm considering signing up for another.

Before the class began, we each had to write down our goals for ourselves and give them to our trainer. Mine was simple: I want to run a mile. And then I want to run two miles. And then I want to run a 5k. Without feeling like I'm going to die.

The first night of class was hot and humid and we were training next to the Dallas Mavericks, which was sort of intimidating to me. I mean, they're professional athletes and I was totally winded every time I passed them. My pride hijacked my body and I was convinced they were all staring at my red face, sweaty shirt and leaden legs. I was heaving and couldn't breathe, and even though they were just doing crunches on the sidelines, I'd be damned if I didn't run when I passed them. Every. Single. Time. I'm still not sure why I was compelled to save face in front of the Mavs.

So that first night I pushed myself too hard – what with all that running, and all – I actually thought I was going to pass out. And I'll admit it here: after class, I cried. So they moved me down one level, which sort of bruised my ego, but by the sixth night of class, I was actually enjoying running, which has always been an oxymoron to me. In fact, at times it was even FUN. Is that normal?

Of course, I should also admit that I use the term running loosely. It's more of a jog. Or actually, no, it's more of a prance. I'm in a prancing class, and I know this because I can stop running and start walking and I don't lose my pace with my group.

(Should I have admitted that?)

Last night was our thirteenth class and we ran relay races, circa third grade. There's something to be said for long, powerful legs and easy, short distances. The sprinter in me leapt to attention and I'll tell you this: I totally schooled our opposing team. There's nothing more terrifying than the sight my body rushing toward you in a very matador-meets-raging-bull way and I'm feeling quite pleased about it today.

This weekend I'm running my first 5k, and though I doubt there will be any sprinting involved, I'm pretty certain that I'll be able to prance it without feeling like I'm going to die.



GOOD.ON.YOU!!! I've been running (jogging...prancing...) for 4 1/2 weeks now. I can do 2 miles. a 5K is still out of reach I think. You are my hero!


I'm so proud of you! I'm not there yet...I tried the elliptical the other day and I'm still recovering. Running is in my future though - you're such an inspiration!


Yeahhhhhh GO JES! Get your prance on! I hope for full details of the run on Monday. Or, you know, whenever you've recovered :)


Ooh, good luck with the 5K, Jes!!


I HATE running, which makes it all the stranger that I was on high school track for three years and college track (DIII) for two. It's a very social sport though and I basically just joined to hang out with my friends.

I've recently joined a gym and just started doing cardio. They only have the ellipticals that hurt my knees and I hate stationary bikes, so I've been hitting the treadmill. Running is insanely difficult for me for reasons I never understood (like you, it sends my heart rate through the freaking roof and I overheat quite easily), but I was so excited yesterday when I managed to go for 20 minutes straight without walking. Granted, I was going sloooow, but I still did it and it felt great. And nauseating.


GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! And while it gives me hope - still not sure I want to start. Positive that I NEED to, not sure that I WANT to.


You're my hero! I'd like to be able to run - the closest I got was doing 45 minutes on the treadmill three times a week. But I never busted more than a mile or so.

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Dare I say I'm jealous.
I would like nothing more than to be able to run - or even better, PRANCE!


Prancing class! Oh, Chirky...you make my heart happy.


I need to get back into this. I started doing abs stuff again and am slowly losing weight but when I was running (ok, walk-running-- running 2 laps and walking 2 and running 2, you get the point) I was soooo getting thin!


AWESOME! You rock!

I'm also delurking.

But you really do rock!


Good luck with the 5K! That's awesome that you're taking on that challenge.


SO much more that I could ever HOPE to do.
Good for you and screw the Mavs (purely in the spirit of less-pressured/stressful running, of course).


Holy crap, that's amazing! Good for you!

And i totally know what you mean by prancing. It doesn't have to be fast to be called running, so don't worry about the speed.

At least that's what i've heard from people who actually run. I couldn't get it together for more than 4 weeks. I gave up when it started getting hot out. Maybe now with autumn coming, i'll get prancing.


Hell yes! You rock!

Also (true story) I can't run but I can skip so fast it's frightening. I think I could win a race if I didn't think I'd get laughed off the field.


Oh my gosh, that is fantastic, Chirky!! I wonder if I can find a class like this here in Philly???


All good runnning starts as a prance. In my case, it never advanced. But hell, I "pranced" a whole 10K!

So...go girl! You'll feel awesome after your 5K!


You go! With the running!

I have not made it as far as you yet, having only run about ninety seconds since deciding to RUN A MARATHON (have completely lost my mind). I think I need to book a 5K first. Good luck with yours!


I'm not to that point yet either! I'm not overweight, but I'm definitely out of shape. I would love to be able to run a 5K someday.


I would love to be able to prance, but alas, I have crummy knees.

I love the word prancing though. Makes it not sound so hot and winded and sweaty.... makes it sound almost....... fun.


Where is this class? Is it co-ed? Maybe I should sign up, I love relay races!! Weee!


Nothing wrong with prancing, Jes, nothing at all.


Ok, good luck with this weekend project, Jes ;p


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