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Under the Influence

March 26, 2007

Some people's lives just seem too perfect. I have an acquaintance who loves to cook (and is good at it!), loves to decorate (and is good at it!), loves to paint (and is good at it!) and gives classes on gift-wrapping (and is good at it!). On top of this, she is a Harvard MBA grad, extremely successful business owner and, in general, just a nice person.

She recently gave me two of her prized recipes for Sangria, and as I read over the list of ingredients, it occurred to me: (a) I don't have this liquor in my cabinet and (b) if she hadn't given me exact brand and flavor names, I'd have no idea what to buy.

Manhattan (by Williams Sonoma)This is the thing: while I do enjoy a good Midori Sour, I know relatively little about mixed drinks. Embarrassingly little. I go to a bar and start fumbling around like a high schooler with her older sister's ID, trying to act like she knows what she's talking about, when really? No clue.

This weekend, while perusing the latest Williams Sonoma catalog, I had an epiphany: I should create my own cookbook of mixed beverages. I don't know why it's taken me this long to arrive at that conclusion, considering I spend an exorbitant amount of time in the cookbook aisle of Half Price books, and that time always includes at least half an hour staring at the pages of 1,001 Martinis and Mixed Drinks Your Friends Will Beg You To Make* and then feeling overwhelmed, replacing the book on the shelf, and moving on to the pastas.

I get maybe a bit too excited when I find easy recipes, like the Pineapple Greyhound (featured in the Williams Sonoma catalog I was reading – yes, reading – this weekend), or Shawnee's Bourbon Slush (via LittleBirdie.net) or the JN Intoxication Engineering Project (courtesy of hoards of Jurgen Nation readers who obviously know more about alcohol than I do, because most didn't even bother to include the measurements for each ingredient).

Since I know that my readers are totally hot, ultra-savvy and wickedly intelligent, I figured you may know a thing or two about alcoholic beverages**. And since I love running contests, the best two recipe submissions for an alcoholic beverage will win a prize***. The most awesome part? I already know what those prizes will be.

* Not actually a book, though it probably should be.
** The recipes submitted will (a) be added to my personal collection and (b) be submitted to JN's Intoxication Engineering Project.
*** I like to share the love, so I'm instituting the policy that one individual cannot win both prizes.



So, what is it we are submitting for this contest? An alcoholic drink recipe? I'm a goner. No clue. Pretty much like you. All I know is Rum & Coke or Cranberry Vodka or White Russion or Black Russion. Basically all those go like this: take a short glass. Fill it with ice. Pour one of the ingredients in the glass half full (that is, if you are only using two ingredients). Pour the other ingredient in to the top of the glass. Swirl.


Ohhhh, I'm feeling confident. This is my famous margarita recipe. It's good. Really good - ask Nabbalicious or Darren.

The Whoorlgarita:

12 oz margarita mix
6 oz tequila
3 oz Grand Marnier
3 oz Cointreau
1 bottle Pacifico or Corona
ice cubes

Throw all in a blender and Voila!


Texas Margaritas

(1) 12 oz. can lime concentrate
1 1/2 cups vodka
1 cup water
1/2 cup Triplesec or Grand Marnier
4 cups lemon-lime frozen beverage
Put in freezer in a large bown and stir every couple of hours until it gets nice and slurpy.



Love this! I was going to ask if we could cross-post the recipes on the IEP, giving you credit for compiling and the recipe owners' credit for submitting to you.

My favorite (fattening!) drink is, and I'm such a drunkard that I can't tell you actual measurements because I do it by sight:

The Dirty Girl Scout Martini
Fill shaker with ice.
Add 1/2 part Bailey's, 1/2 part Kahlua (I don't know, count to three for both - they should be even)
Add a DASH - just a tiny bit! - of Rumpleminz

Meanwhile, swirl Hershey's syrup in martini glass. If you have access to finely crushed graham crackers, moisten the glass rim and put glass, rim down, into graham crackers. This part doesn't matter, but definitely do the swirl.

Pour in your martini into the glass.

Perfection. Tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie. DO NOT - I REPEAT! - DO NOT SUBSTITUTE THE RUMPLEMINZ FOR SOMETHING ELSE "MINTY."


Ahem...Vodka cranberry requires lime and is called a Cape Cod. Ok, onward:

-Rosemary Lemon drop:
1 1/2 ounces vodka infused for 1-2 weeks with a freshly washed/dried sprig of fresh rosemary.
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
3/4 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
Ice cubes
Superfine sugar for dipping
Twisted peel of lemon

Mix the vodka, Triple Sec, sugar, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice; shake well (supposedly the cocktail is to be shaken 40 times to make sure the sugar is well blended). Pour strained liquor into sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish with a twisted peel of lemon.

NOTE: To create a sugar-rimmed glass, take a lemon wedge and rub the drinking surface of the glass so it is barely moist. Dip the edge of the glass into sugar. Personally, I like raw sugar for this.

-Blondies: Requires a bottle of good-ish champagne, bottle of vanilla vodka (tip: make better vanilla vodka by infusing a 1/2 vanilla bean in straight, higher end/pure vodka for a week or two.) pineapple juice and if you want to be fancy, a twist of orange peel.

Mix one part vodka, one part champagne and one part pineapple juice in a champagne flute. (Be sure to carefully float the bubbly on top, or it will overflow) Enjoy!

Strawberry blondie - As above, but use raspberry vodka and a tot of cranberry juice.

Infused simple syrups are a cheap and easy way to 'dress up' martinis and champagne. You can experiment with fruits, herbs and the like, but the key is the syrup:

-1 part (I'd suggest at LEAST a cup, don't waste your time with lesser amounts) white sugar.
-1 part water
Stir together over high heat until it boils down to about half the original volume and gets 'syrupy' looking. Cool and store in a clean container.

I've done this with lemons, nectarines, rosemary, oranges, and lavendar. Once cooled, it can be dashed into bubbly or vodka for a really delicious 'signature' drink.


Oh, it's NO contest with the Whoorlgaritas recipe here! You won't find anything better!


Texas Beergaritas. Best. Drink. Ever.

1 can Lime juice frozen concentrate (Limeade)
1 of the above can's full of Tequila
½ (more or less) of the Lime juice can of Triple Sec
1 of the lime juice can's of 7-Up
1 bottle of Corona

Mix above all together, serve over ice and get lit.


But Nabb...I haven't tried Whoorlgaritas (they sound very much like the ones my parents used to make, and as I recall, those were goood!) yet and you haven't had a rosemary lemon drop...or have you?


Take one Dublin Dr. Pepper (ice cold)
Remove cap with bottle opener
Pour directly into mouth

The end

(Better than a mixed drink and with that amount of pure sugar it might be a better buzz)


Fun! I'm sure I won't get close, with these professional recipes, but this is what I would make for myself when I worked behind the bar, and what I order when I don't mind putting another bartender through it. (Warning: sweet)

Glass Rose:
- 1 shot Vodka (Obviously use something you like. I like Grey Goose, but that's me.)
- 1 shot Triple Sec
- 2 parts Soda
- 1 part Orange Juice
- Splash of Grenadine
- Cherry


I'm totally with you on the ridiculously low amount of knowledge when it comes to alcohol. lol

And I have to agree with Katie on the Dublin Dr Peppers. Mmm!

This isn't contest-worthy as far as the whole recipe challenge goes, but it tastes pretty freakin' awesome!

Fill a glass half full (gotta be optimistic!) with pineapple juice. Fill the other half with coconut rum. Stir.

Seriously simple, seriously awesome. :)


MLIB: I totally OD'd on these my freshman year of college. Even now, the sight of a bottle of Malibu makes me want to vomit. Still, I agree: it's very good. As long as you don't make it your SOLE source of liquid intake. ;)


I have two for you - and my apologies up front, I don't measure either. I eyeball it, taste it, and add more of whatever is needed.

First one is a fun fruity summery drink my old roomie affectionately dubbed "The Miami Vice". Ok, maybe she didn't name it, but she introduced me to it.

One can frozen Bacardi Strawberry mixer
One can frozen Bacardi Pina Colada mixer
Rum (if it's here, I use regular rum for the pina colada, and coconut rum for the strawberry)
Limes (a little juice for the bevvies, and slices for garnish)
Whip up the strawberry stuff in a blender according to the directions on the Bacardi can (add rum and lime juice to taste); pour that into an extra pitcher. Do the same for the pina colada mix. Get someone who isn't drunk to pour from both pitchers into one glass at the same time. Or if you're lazy (and drunk), pour half of the strawberry, then half pina colada. It's half and half, ok? You got your pink, you got your white. It's a match made in heaven.

Second drink is a spin on a drink a hotel bartender made up for me in D.C. one time. It's sweet and desserty. It doesn't have a name, if you think of one let me know.

Put a few cubes of ice in a tumbler. Pour in a shot or so of Kahlua, a shot or so of Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, a little more than a shot of Bailey's, and top it all off with half and half. Shake (or stir), serve. Yum!


I'm not sure this counts, but when I was in grad school in DC I met up for dinner with one of my best friends from high school, Jacquette. We went to this great Mexican food place near my apartment and, thanks in large part to the 90 minute wait for a table, had more than a few tasty margaritas.

Afterwards, we went back to my apartment where we were joined by both Trevor and a guy Jacquette was dating at the time. Not that it matters, but I think his name was Jerridan or something. Anyway, the guys were very amused by our margarita induced giddiness, and convinced us that we should continue drinking. I didn’t have much at my apartment except Baileys Irish Crème, Vodka and Kahlua. Even less was in my fridge, which meant nothing in terms of mixers. So, what did we do? Yeah, Jacquette and I created our own tasty beverage and named it “The Black Irish Russian”. Apparently, we just got a glass and filled it with ¼ vodka, ¼ Kahlua and ½ Baileys (because it is creamy and covered up the taste of both the vodka and Kahlua). Needless to say, Jacquette and I were passed out not long after. Trevor and Jerridan, in the meantime, had a field day with my camera (yeah, they thought they were oh-so clever). Thanks to them, the evening was very well documented. Whenever I come across those pics, I just shake my head. People are not photogenic when intoxicated. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen such horrible pictures of myself. Horrors!

It is important to note that I’ve never been a big drinker. Honest. However, “The Black Irish Russian” is a really good “sipping” drink (yes, I’ve made it since that night in DC). It mostly tastes like Baileys, but is definitely a lot stronger. Drinkers beware! Guaranteed to turn the most seasoned drinker into a “lightweight”!


Oh my god, DROOLING over here as I read through these. I must think this over and get back to you, as I have a few contenders.


My two favorites:


1 can frozen pink lemonade
4 cans miller lite

Mix it up and pour over ice, really tasty on
a hot Texas day.

2) PINEAPPLE SUPRISE (this does not have a trendy name)

Pineapple Juice
Malibu Rum

Add ice to glass, pour in rum, and pineapple juice.


OOPs..I did not mean to replicate!! Sorry. Got excited and scrolled right down to the posting part!


OOPs..I did not mean to replicate!! Sorry. Got excited and scrolled right down to the posting part!


I love this idea! Here is a party fave of mine:

Horny Little Devil

1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz rum
2 oz orange juice
2 oz pineapple juice
1 teaspoon Grenadine

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!


1 Glass of Milk
1 Bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup.

That's the perfect beverage right there.


Original (and photojournalistically illustrated!) recipe for Honey Martinis here: http://www.agirlandaboy.com/journal/archives/001234.html


Ahem. Prizes? What about the prizes for that OTHER contest you had WAY back when? :)


My World Famous Martini
1 bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin
10 Ice Cubes
1.5 oz. Italian Dry Vermouth

put all ingerdients into a pitcher
stir lightly
let sit for 10 minutes
serve with Olives


Spanish Coffee
Not to be confused with an Irish Coffee, this baby packs a decent punch for it's size, yet is quite tasty. Here's my recipe:

You will need...

An Irish Coffee glass
Bacardi 151 rum
Triple Sec
A decent sized orange
Powdered cinnamon
Powdered nutmeg
Reg'lar 'ol sugar (granulated)
Whipped cream (preferably whipped by you from cream - not the canned sludge)
Coffee (I prefer a fairly mellow dark roast for the purposes of this beverage, but most any decent coffee will do)
Some sort of flame producing device (matches, lighter, two dry sticks, whatever)

Brew up a small pot of your fav-o-rite coffee, and leave it be for now. Grab your orange, and slice it in half. With half the orange in one hand and your Irish Coffee glass in the other, grind the rim of the glass into the orange, making sure the rim of the glass gets well coated.

Next, spread 1/4 cup or so of your sugar onto a small plate, and dip the orange-d rim of the glass into the sugar, making sure to coat the rim of the glass evenly with the sugar.

Now you're ready to pour some booze. Add one shot of 151, one shot of Kahlua, and about a half shot of Triple Sec to the glass. Then get ready for the real show....

Light it.

It will burn blue, and as it burns you want to tilt the glass at an angle such that the flame caramelizes the sugar on the rim of the glass, but not enough to pour any flaming liquid out. Hold the glass by the base to keep your little digits from getting too toasty. Don't let it burn for more than a minute or so, as the glass may crack if it gets too hot.

Once the sugar is caramelized, set the glass down (still aflame, with any luck), take your cinnamon and nutmeg containers and tap them together over the flame. This will add a little bit of flavor to the drink, but more importantly, it makes neat sparks in the flame. It's all about the show, you know.

Now grab your coffee and put the flames out by filling the glass almost to the rim. Top it off with your hand-whipped cream (did I mention that the canned stuff sucks?) and another little tap of cinnamon on top of the cream for good looks.

If you're good, you can do this in a darkened room for a bit of a show at a party. Fine-tune the ingredient mix to fit your tastes, and once you get good flame control, these are quite tasty little beverages. Great for a winter evening in front of a fire.


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