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Blogging Is Like A Slumber Party, Only Virtual

March 20, 2007

Lately, I have had several people ask me why I blog. They ask me what I blog about. They look at me like I'm a little pompous when I say I blog about my life, because is it really so fascinating that people want to read about it?

And then I look at my stats, smile smugly, and tell them, "Well, at least my mom likes to read it." Truthfully, my mom doesn't like to read this site. And isn’t that a shame? Because my mother-in-law IS a faithful reader. Which means that the next time they see each other? They won't be able to gab about that time I tried buffing my leg hair away with sandpaper or, horrifically, when I was sick and my nose dripped on my manager's desk.

I love blogging for a variety of reasons:

  1. I love writing. To me, it is fulfilling to write about my experiences – whether it is a restaurant I visited and loved (or hated), a humiliating experience I endured or a vacation spot that was exquisite – I love reporting what I've discovered and then sharing it with others.
  2. I love talking. I've discovered that sometimes around people I don't know well it may take me a few minutes to get warmed up, but once I've plugged in? It's difficult for me to unplug. Additionally, it is important to note here that a glass of wine does wonders for loosening my jaw.
  3. I love feedback, be it constructive, a shared experience, tips or flattery – I love hearing the thoughts of my readers.
  4. I love reading blogs because the authors are intimate and knowable. We've generated a community of people who genuinely care for others, though in most cases we've never met.
  5. I love meeting people. Meeting a blogger is always surreal because we've never walked side-by-side, we've never seen each other's quirky facial expressions, we've never watched the other wiggle her foot as she types, and yet I already know the private details of her life, her joys and her fears and her struggles.
  6. To sum it up, I love people. I love the human story, for better or for worse.

Why do you blog?

(And: will I see you at BlogHer 07 this year?)



"because Jes told me to."

Is that a could enough answer? HA, it was my real answer for about 6 months and then something happened and I really began to like it and it became a way for me to share, tell, expound on things that only had a stage in my head. I was able to actually put on paper (or screen if you're being picky) the things that scroll across my brain on any given day. It allows me to archive and preserve events, feelings, thoughts, but mostly just "me" or the small snapshot of who I am at that given moment or in that one thought. So I blog because it lets me share who I am, maybe not with a large group of people (uhhh uncomfortable on some levels) but more share it with myself. I have a record of things I thought and things I did and things I said for me to go back and take a look at who I was on that day. Pretty darn nifty if you ask me.


Oh POOP you're going to BlogHer and I'm going to miss the chance to meet you because I can't go this year. Or probably next year since it will fall exactly one month prior to my wedding and I will be going nuts and have no money for the trip!

Anyway now that that's out of the way - shall I answer your question? I fell in love with blogs and the blogosphere a couple of years ago while I was working in marketing and my boss asked me to research "what that blog thing is and see if we need to get in on it." I was all, blog? Sounds like a mutated frog, or some gross disease. But one of the first blogs I found was Dooce and that was it, I was hooked. After a few weeks of reading and commenting, I knew I wanted my own, but it took me a LONG time to find the right niche for my voice. I thought blogging about my life, the way you do, would be fun, but it wasn't for me, my sense of humour wasn't up to the task of making my life interesting to random strangers! I thought I could write a professional blog about marketing, but I was too inexperienced to have the really cool, visionary, breakthrough ideas that attract a strong readership. Finally, at Christmas, I got engaged and my brain has been all WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING! So I started a wedding planning blog, and I think I've found the right little corner of the Internet finally. I have good ideas to share and I'm excited to post about them!

So now I blog to create a reference for brides in my area, because there isn't really much out there. And to connect with other brides and find out how they're feeling and dealing and saving money and making decisions. It's also a great place to dump my thoughts so that I don't feel the urge to talk about nothing but my wedding with everyone else, which would surely annoy the crap out of everyone.


A slumber party - what a great description!

I don't know about BlogHer. It's not that far, and yet... I just don't know.


Like you said, because it's like a slumber party and I love getting shaving cream all over me while I sleep.

I also like freezing people's underwear and putting their hands in a bowl of warm water so they will wet their pants. And the pizza and scary movie before bed is the BEST.

I do love meeting new people and reading their ideas. It's kind of fun to see what people say. I admit, I like the comments and the attention, but I like being able to chronicle things that are important to me.



Ordinarily, I'm very shy and reserved, but on my blog, I feel I can open up and be silly and outrageous if I want to. Between that, and the wide range of people and personalities out there (compared to the smaller range I've found "in real life"), I feel I've made some great friendships - all because of blogging!


I blog because it makes me more aware that I am human. Reading other people's blogs, I find that much of the stuff that is going on in my head goes on in theirs, too. I never would have suspected people were so paranoid about pooping at work - even though I was - until I read (and wrote) blog posts about it.

I have learned to be more honest from blogging, because when I am totally honest is when people respond best. Blogging has shown me that honesty is a valuable commodity that is in demand, because there is so little of it in the world.

I also blog because now, when something stupid or humiliating happens to me, my first tthought is not "Why me?" but "Oh great, this will make a great blog post!"


I started out blogging because it seemed like a fun way to record things, like a personal journal. And then people whose blogs I read started reading MINE. I felt like real celebrities were reading about my life. lol

Then, those "real celebrities" started to feel like friends. It's so cool to be able to just get things out that you need to, and then to have others' input -- especially when they can be impartial or see things from a different angle.

I can write about frustrations on my blog that I can't talk about in real life, or I can acknowledge that they're in my thoughts so much more than I can let on in real life. It's nice. I can be real.


I originally started blogging about 3 or 4 years ago because an Internet "acqaintance" told me about Live Journal. Although I am not with Live Journal anymore (and absolutely refuse to be associated with My Space), I have not stopped blogging since then. In actuality, I have been writing in a journal since one of my teachers forced me to back in 7th grade, maybe even earlier. Ever since then, I've loved keeping a journal. For venting, for recording a momentous event, for detailing the boring aspects of my life, for writing about the funny parts, and especially for going back and re-reading it ten years later - all those reasons are why I blog. Now it has also turned into a way to keep in touch with friends and family that I don't see often. That and the fact that I've become addicted to checking my recent post for comments.


Chiada: Oh, honey. Do I have an addiction for you.

Rather than checking your most recent post for comments, change your settings to EMAIL YOU everytime you get a comment.

Then come back here and tell me that you don't check your email every thirteen seconds.


Both my mom AND my mother-in-law read my site. I have quite the dedicated readership.


I blog because the voices in my head tell me to. Plus, how else could I talk about me, me, me, me and mine, mine, mine, mine and be the link whore that I am.

Right - in a blog.

I blog b/c of the relationships too. We've moved many times, but by blogging, I took many of my friends right along with me. I didn't feel as lonely.


Because I'm too selfish to hold on an actual conversation.

I enjoy the virtual commraderie generated through blogs. I enjoy giving my undivided attention to other's creativity and vice versa.

I wish I had the opportunity to meet MORE of the bloggers that I love so much.


I'll be at BlogHer! Guess that means you will, too. :) Awesome!


BlogHer is a pipe dream for me. But if I can wing it, you'd totally pencil me in for TWO glasses of wine, right? If your jaw loosens for one, what the hell happens with TWO?


I blog because I love to write but I also hate the game of trying to find someone to buy what I write. It's liberating to just put it out there. And blogging about your life is way easier than having to reearch a topic for an article about something else. I can do that, of course, when I'm in the mood. But I can bitch about my husband and daughter and the PTA when I'm in the mood for that, too.

I'll go back to BlogHer is I can work up the $$.


It's lame to say DITTO but you've captured it all so brilliantly.

I also blog because I think this will be a gorgeous collection of both joy and folly to look back on in 15 years, when Al Gore has invented something to replace the Internets.

I will be at BlogHer with bells on, my dear!




For the babes.

(And: No.)


I blog simply because it's fun. Lame, huh?

OK, OK...WHY is it fun?

- Writing is fun
- Meeting people who also have blogs is fun (Where is BlogHer this year anyway?)
- Doing fun things just so you can blog about it is fun
- Bitching about stuff online is fun
- Getting comments about the things you bitch about is fun
- Taking pictures is fun
- Reading other blogs and feeling like part of the community because you also have one is fun
- Wasting time at work is fun (one can only read so much Perez Hilton...)

There are also a lot of unfun things about blogging, but we won't go there this afternoon.


rosie: BlogHer is in Chicago this year!


I blog because I'm beautiful... haha. Just kidding.

No, I blog because I love to write and this is the best, most affordable creative outlet on the planet! Not only do I get to write, I get to design and create and talk about myself - who could ask for anything more?


Oh, and Jes, if you had a BlackBerry then you would really know what addiction is because you get your comments on your BB and so you ALWAYS know when someone just left you a comment. It is the best thing in the WORLD!


Oh, and Jes, if you had a BlackBerry then you would really know what addiction is because you get your comments on your BB and so you ALWAYS know when someone just left you a comment. It is the best thing in the WORLD!


I blog to meet people like you that in real life, I probably would never meet. Since you are so cool and I'm...not.

Alas, no funds for BlogHer.


I blog mainly because it's fun and it gives me an outlet to say whatever is on my mind - no matter how lame it is. I also blog to meet new people.


I starting blogging so I didn't feel like such a stalker by reading all the blogs I like to peak at.


My mom doesn't like to read my blog either. And my mother-in-law hangs on my every word. Perhaps it's a common phenomenon.

I once strove to answer the question of Why I Blog (here: http://www.schnozzfest.com/blog/?page_id=349). But that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that I have to read it to myself like ONCE A WEEK. Sad. Apparently I'm very forgetful. Which is actually yet another great reason to blog. So there.


I tried to comment. But there was a link in it. And your blog didn't like that. And that made me sad.


What a great list. Mine is very similar to yours. I too love to talk (it came as no shock to my family that I graduated with a degree in Communication!!).

Writing is cathartic for me, I tend to get wound a little too tight and writing is a great release.


I started blogging because a) I was bored, b) It seemed a lot less crazy than talking to myself all the time and c) Because I knew that deep down inside EVERYONE wanted to read my EVERY thought. And because I am nice, I figured I would provide people with that luxury.


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