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Lindsay Lohan: Drunk? High? Just having a good ol' time in the alley?

September 21, 2006

As a former dancer, from back in the day when my age ended in "teen," I can say with certainty that some people just shouldn't attempt certain maneuvers. Kicking, for example, without first stretching. Or without learning the skill of kicking so your knee does not bend and your back does not hunch. (Her body? It shouldn't be in the shape of an "S".) Or without learning how to prevent your bottom foot from turning outward. Which probably occurs because you didn't stretch. It's a vicious cycle.

Lindsay Lohan was recently caught on video performing an odd assortment of kicks in the middle of a deserted alley, in between puffs on her cigarette.

AND: What are those boots she's wearing? Stop it.

La Lohan: She's so classy.





Everybody was kung fu fighting.


I didn't even recognize her without the bikini.

Good job wearing real clothes, Firecrotch.


I do so hope she'll ship herself over to London permanently.


I can't help it. I love her no matter what.


Why all the hate from your commenters? I don't get it. I heard read some people bashing Fergie the other day calling her all sorts of names. Bizarre how some people want to say mean things for no apparent reason.

I love Lindsey because she was so good in Parent Trap.


No hate. Just don't like her. She was a great actress when a kid (I second Eddo on Parent Trap) but has not handled being an adult well at all. Not that many of us do, she just takes diva to a Paris Hilton level and that's nothing to brag about.


Who is Lindsay Lohan? For some reason I couldn't watch the video. Aol is so bizarre these days.


I, myself, love to hate La Lohan. Very much so. It's just so easy to do when she gives us stuff like THIS.

She should probably continue her behaviour or else we won't have anyone to talk about. Wait. I just saw that post beneath this one about Los Cruises. Yeah. We have plenty of other freakazoids to consider.


I too, was enamoured of Parent Trap and am partial to Linds because we share the same hair color. Uh, I mean we USED to share the same hair color..like 5 color changes ago.

Now she just makes me sad. Although I can't bring myself to hate her because really, I'm not so sure I could do better at age 19/20, following years of "celebrity."


I had a dream last night that you were preggers. And we were at camp. Any truth to either one of those?


Um, no AmStaff. I'm not pregnant. And (as far as I can tell) we're not at camp.

I had a dream that a woman named Sarah Vellor ABDUCTED MY NEPHEW while I was taking care of him. I woke up screaming her name aloud while she was driving off in her van(!) with him.

I much prefer your dream to mine.


well, it was a good dream anyways. Except that I knew you were preggers but you wouldn't tell me. Even though you knew I knew.

Yeah, don't ask.


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